Attraction slot game

Attract wild symbols for re-spins

Attraction slot game
Return to player96.7%
Minimum bet for all lines€0,10
Maximum bet for all lines€100,-
Wild symbolWild
Highest symbol besides wildSatellite Dish
Expanding wildWhen a wild symbol falls in line with a magnet the magnet will attract the wild symbol and expand it
Re-spin featureWhen wild symbols end up in a magnets beam the wild symbols are held and a free re-spin is given with an extra magnet. Free re-spins will occur until no new wild symbol is attracted

Attraction might seem a bit boring with only paylines and no real seperate bonus game or free spins feature. But I have to say, it’s not.

The wild symols hit quite often en are being attracted to the magnets pretty regularly.

It also happens to fill the screen with more wild symbols, it’s not like this never happens.

I have had some nice wins on Attraction, no super mega wins, but wins of 100 times bet aren’t rare.