Betsson added Kiss slot game

There are a couple of NetEnt casinos that have recently added WMS Gaming slot games.

Betsson wasn’t one of them, which was a bit surprising to me because they offer a lot of games that aren’t from NetEnt.

Since NetEnt casinos released those amazing WMS Gaming slots it has become very clear that there is one that has become very popular, maybe even more popular than the NetEnt slots.

Kiss, Shout it out Load is the first online slot game from WMS Gaming that uses colossal reels. A set of small reels and a set of huge reels. When a full stacked wild appears on the small reels, they are transferred to the big reels. And during free spins you only have to have a small part of the wild for it to be stretched over the reels and transferred.

I have played Kiss a lot, really a lot, and I am in love with this game. It doesn’t take your money fast, so you have a long playtime. And this game can pay out a lot.

But to make a long story short (oh I hate that expression) Betsson has now added this number 1 WMS Gaming slot game. So be sure to check this slot out. Oh and by the way, the screenshot is of a big win I recently got on Kiss.

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