Big Spin Tuesday at Casino Saga

Casino Saga is running their Big Spin Tuesday. This is a very nice weekly promotion where you are able to win up to 50 free spins. But not just normal free spins, Big Spins with a value of €3,- each.

How does this work? Just play at Casino Saga on Tuesday March 17th. While playing you progress over different islands. Try to progress as much as possible and the top 30 players will win free big spins.

At Casino Saga you will progress over different places, each time facing a boss. During these boss fights you can earn free spins and free cash. And this is all free and won’t cost you anything. So when they say progress as much as possible, they mean defeating as many bosses as possible. These boss fights is what makes Casino Saga unique and also very interesting. This casino won’t bore you.

The free big spins will be available on Fruit Zen, a Starburst clone. Here are the amount of spins you can win and remember worth €3,- a spin.

[fancy_list style=”triangle_arrow”]

  • 1st – 50 free spins (€150,- value)
  • 2nd – 30 free spins (€90,- value)
  • 3rd – 20 free spins (€60,- value)
  • 4th until 10th – 15 free spins (€45,- value)
  • 11th until 20th – 10 free spins (€30,- value)
  • 21st until 30th – 5 free spins (€15,- value)[/fancy_list]

Good luck and have fun fighting those bosses. Let me know if you happen to be one of the lucky winners.

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