Casino Saga, Hall of Fame heroes

At Casino Saga you make your way through an island of bosses. Each time you reach a certain point, you fight a boss. These boss fights can earn you some nice extra free cash.

The final boss is Betser, a huge dragon. You will fight this boss after defeating 39 other bosses.

Casino Saga has now made a Hall of Fame for the first thee players that have defeated the final boss.

Player “Ollebull” was the first heroe who defeated Betser and received €1.500,- for doing so. He is also able to visit Casino Saga headquarters to be the first to see the continuation of the saga.

Player “Tryeme” was the second player who defeated the end boss and picked up an extra €500,-. “Spelvinnare” was the third to defeat Betser and also picked up a €500,- bonus for doing do.

Congratulations to the first three players to defeat the evil Betser,

The great thing about Casino Saga is these boss fights. During every boss fight you are able to win free spins and huge cash prizes. And this is all free, and an added bonus. Because for the main part you will be playing NetEnt games as you would at any other casino.

If you don’t know Casino Saga, be sure to check it out. You’ll be very impressed. I think it’s a very unique and innovating casino and maybe even the future for online casinos.

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