Casino Saga Lottery, win one of 2000 prizes

From Friday the 25th of July until Sunday the 27th at noon, Casino Saga is running a special lottery.

For every €10,- you deposit during this period you will receive a free lottery ticket. You can claim as many as you like.

Your lottery tickets will be added to your inventory, here you can see all numbers. On Sunday at 15.15 CET Casino Saga will then reveal all winning numbers and award players with their prizes.

A total of 2000 prizes can be won. Most prizes are free spins on the new Lost Island slot, 100, 50 and 10 free spins are given away. But the main prizes are €1.000,- in cash and 5 weekend trips for two to Italy.

Because Casino Saga is a rather new casino they don’t have a massive number of players yet, so I believe if you make some deposits and have some lottery tickets, you are almost sure to win at least one or several prizes.

The promotion can even be used together with the sign up bonus, great for new players to try out this amazing casino.

Of course Casino Saga will also add Lost Island today.

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