Crime Pays, exclusive €50.000,- jackpot slot

Exclusive slot game

Crime Pays, exclusive €50.000,- jackpot slot


Unibet released an exclusive, very interesting new slot game today. Crime Pays. Crime Pays is a 50 payline slot game by WMS Gaming that is only available at Unibet.

The game has a free spins feature, a fun crime spree bonus and the special Mastermind bonus.

The point of this Mastermind bonus is to find the mastermind criminal. You have to pick between continents, countries, places and hideouts to find him. Every pick will award credits, but if you find the mastermind you are awarded with the €50.000,- jackpot!

And the game is a community game, meaning that locations and spots that have been picked are no longer on the screen, so finding the criminal gets easier and eventually somebody will find him. The €50.000,- jackpot is guaranteed to hit if no more picks are left. The game resets when a player wins the jackpot.

This is really a new and unique way of playing online slots and Unibet is very proud of this new game. They have added some special promotions around the game including 10% extra for the first player that hits the €50.000,- jackpot.

Visit Unibet now and check out this amazing new game under their Casino Black.

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