Fight bosses double so fast at Casino Saga

There isn’t a better time to play at Casino Saga than from today until Sunday August 10th.

When playing your favorite NetEnt games at Casino Saga you progress on an island full of bosses. Each time you reach a boss, you can fight it and earn free cash, free spins and more experience points.

From now until Sunday they have doubled the speed in which you reach bosses. So you are able to fight bosses much faster and giving you a much higher chance collecting nice free cash bonuses or free spins.

If you are not familiar with Casino Saga I suggest you do. This is an amazing new way of playing at an online casino. Not only can you play all your favorite NetEnt and even Betsoft games, you can also fight bosses which makes it a lot more fun.

Your goal is to reach the end boss Betser and 3 players have already achieved this and walked away with €1500,- and €500,- in cash bonuses.

It is hard to explain what exactly Casino Saga is, so I always suggest visiting them and signing up (even if you don’t want to deposit), just to get a look at how nice this casino is.

Players that do make a deposit are able to claim 250 free spins as a bonus, players from Scandinavia even 750!

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