Igame, South Park month

Igame, South Park promotions

Igame, South Park month


More and more NetEnt casinos are adding special promotions to celebrate the coming South Park slot game on the 24th.

IGame online casino is the next one to start a whole month of special promotions around the South Park slot release. The promotions start at the 24th and will run until the 20th of October.

First all players can claim free spins on special days. Active players, meaning players that have made a deposit can even claim more free spins. Active players can claim a total of 110 free spins during the promotional period. Players that haven’t made a deposit, ever, can even claim 8 free spins.

Second, IGame is running a South Park raffle, four raffles in fact, one each week. Each week 10 players that have made a deposit of at least €10 and played at least €25 on the South Park slot game will be awarded €50. A total of €2.000,- will be given away during these raffles.

Third, IGame has four weekly South Park tournaments, all with a €500 prize pool. Players that wager the most during the promotional periods will be able to win the top prize of €250,-.

As you can see, IGame has really added some great promotions to celebrate the South Park slot release. Be sure to have an account and participate in all these promotions.

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