Mega Fortune Dreams update

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Mega Fortune Dreams update


Let me start by saying that information about the new Mega Fortune Dreams release has been a bit unclear. I might have given some wrong information about this game earlier. So it’s time for an update.

First of all, Mega Fortune Dreams was planned to be released once the Mega Fortune jackpot was won. And it has hit at Unibet. A Swedish player from Karlstad won the more than €5.500.000,- jackpot on Thursday.

So that’s the reason a couple of online casino added the new game on that same day.

Also, Mega Fortune Dreams will replace Mega Fortune. I thought it would be added, so players could play both games, but that’s not the case. When a casino adds Mega Fortune Dreams it will replace the original Mega Fortune.
For me this is a bit strange. Why not have both games with the same jackpot? I know players still enjoy the original Mega Fortune very much. But I’m no software provider, so NetEnt must have its reasons.

I hope things are clear now. The new Mega Fortune Dreams does look a lot better than the original and I really enjoy the free spins bonus feature. Already had some nice wins (no jackpot).

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