New and improved casino lobby at Unibet

New casino lobby

New and improved casino lobby at Unibet


Unibet made some major improvements to their online casino.

They used to have a Casino Black and a Casino Red, now Unibet has only one part for all casino games. But they also added a lot of new features to make navigating the new lobby much easier.

First you have some new tabs with new games, jackpot games and favorite slots overall.

Second you now have the option to search a game. Just type in the name, or only party of the name and a list will give all possible slots.

Also, you can add slots or games to your favorites for quick access. And you can also see how many players have added a game to their favorites, a fun way to see which games are very popular.

On top of the lobby, Unibet also let’s you see your last played games.

I used to have trouble finding some games sometimes, because they where all in different groups and on different pages. I think this new look is a major improvement. I already like playing at Unibet, but now, with this new look, it’s even better.

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