The L&L Group is a group of online casinos run by the same people. Some very popular online casinos are from this group.

They have made a decision to close some of their online casinos. The main reason because they didn’t run that well and also because other casino brands from their group are much more popular.

As of December 1st, the following online casinos will no longer accept new players and as of January 1st they will close down the casinos completely.

In the meanwhile you can still play here, but maybe it’s better to check if you still have any balance and withdrawal the amount, or try to make something more and then withdrawal it.

The four online casinos that will be closing are:

  • Adler Casino
  • All Irish Casino
  • Free Spins Casino
  • Svedala Casino

I will remove any mention of these casinos on the website, to avoid confusion.

If you are looking for another online casino within the same group, I would suggest Yeti Casino.

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