Agent of Hearts is a new online slot game by Play’n Go and another one that uses a grid.

The game comes with an Alice in Wonderland theme, but doesn’t use Alice. Instead you will find the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and more famous characters.

The game has a strange setup of 7 reels, which are 7, 7, 5, 5, 5, 7 and 7 symbols high. The game features wild symbols and key symbols on all reels. The keys need to be collected to start the free spins feature.

Winning combinations consist of 5 or more of the same symbols adjacently connected. Winning symbols are removed and new symbols fall on top, creating a cascading feature.

Random Wilds

During any non winning spin between 4 and 7 random wild symbols might be placed on the reels, creating a win.

Agent Features

All 4 different agent symbols are collected when they appear in a winning combination. When you collect at least 6 of them, that agent feature will be awarded after all wins have occurred.

Each feature can only be activated once.

  • Cupcake Splat – The Dormouse will move from the top of the reels to the bottom, leaving cupcakes behind. These will all be removed, or replaced by one and the same random symbol
  • Smokin’ Phat – The Caterpillar blows 1 to 3 rails of smoke across the reels in diagonal lines. Symbols beneath the trails are either removed or transformed into one and the same random symbols
  • Grinning Cat – The Cheshire Cat will make a big grin across the reels. All symbols beneath the grin are removed or transformed into one and the same random symbol
  • Mad Hat – Between 6 to 9 Mad Hatter symbols appear on the grid. The Hats remove any adjacent symbols before changing the symbol beneath them into one and the same random symbol

Free Spin

Collecting 3 key symbols during any spin will trigger the free spin feature.

You will receive one free spin, during which all agent features trigger once. After this a mega wild symbol of 3×2 symbols big is added to the reels.

After this the feature is over.


Agent of Hearts isn’t the first Alive in Wonderland themed slot game by Play’n Go. In fact they all fall into the same series. I am not sure why they choose this theme, because it’s not very original. But I know it’s a very popular theme for slot games.

Overall I really enjoy this game, I enjoy all Play’n Go grid games. But it is a pity that all agent features are pretty much the same. They just remove symbols and add symbols. Would have been more fun of these features where more different.

But that single free spin is amazing. It feels a bit like Reactoonz or Reactoonz 2. All accumulating to that big mega wild symbol which can pay up to 5262 times your bet.

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