The new Aliens video slot by NetEnt is now available at Batsafe.

Aliens is the highly anticipated new game from NetEnt that uses the famous movie Aliens as backdrop.

This slot has a 3-level progressive bonus game, which means you have to work your way trough level 1 in order to get to level 2 and so on.

The game is a bit confusing at first, at least for me it was, and also a bit hard to explain.

You have to collect winnings combinations that will be added to a meter above the slot. Filling the meter will start the first level, The Search. Once you reached the end of this bonus you start level 2 and after this level 3.

During these bonus levels you get ammunition to fight aliens. The reels spin and give you rewards, after each spin another wheel will spin where you hope to win more ammo.

In the third level you have to destroy the hive which will reward you with much higher wins.

It is all a bit much to explain in one post. So I would suggest trying out this new NetEnt slot for yourself. At Betsafe you can even play for free, no need to even sign up if you want to.

The game does look amazing and feels really creepy, just like the movies did.

Once this game goes live at all NetEnt casinos, on April 24th, I will of course post about it. And I bet a lot of casinos will be running special promotions for Aliens.

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