Today NetEnt has released a new online slot game, Cash Noire.

Cash Noire comes with a gangsters and chase theme and uses 1024 ways on 5 reels, 5 symbols high. With symbols like a whisky glass, matches, knives, gangsters and inspectors.

This games also comes with several features and bonuses, which I will explain below.

Avalanche Feature

Winning symbols are removed and new symbols fall on top. Creating the possibility for another win within the same spin.

Mystery Symbols

Cash Noire also comes with mystery symbols. When there is no win after a spin or an avalanche, mystery symbols will change into one and the same random symbol.

When the mystery symbols reveals in the Crime Zone it will clone to fill the entire Crime Zone.

Crime Zone

A Crime Zone, a set of 3 connected spots on the reels covered by a red line, will always be activated on every spin.

Each winning symbol inside this crime zone will activate an item from the clue list on the left of the screen.

The Crime Zone will increase to 4 and 5 symbols big when you collect enough clues.

Clue List

The Clue List on the left will award you with the free spins feature when you collect enough of them during a single spin and consecutive avalanches.

When you have 3 clues the Crime Zone will become 4 symbols big. When you have collected 7 clues the Crime Zone will become 5 symbols big. When you have collected all 13 clues, you are awarded with the free spins feature.

Free Spins Feature

Free spins start with a x1 multiplier and a map on the left of the screen, creating a chase through the city. The Crime Zone is always 5 symbols big during free spins feature.

This time each winning symbol in the Crime Zone will move you forward on the map. The multiplier will increase by 1 every 7 locations on the map.

You will also earn extra free spins while moving over the city map. And when you reach the last spot you will have 3 extra free spins and have a total of a x10 multiplier.


Cash Noire is a lot to explain, so I hope it all makes sense. But when you play the game it will become clear pretty fast.

It really feels like a NetEnt game, with several bonuses and features. And the look of the game.

This is also a low volatile game, which you don’t see that often anymore. Hardcore slot players might want some more, but new players, or players that want to enjoy a theme a game more, will have a great time with this game. It doesn’t mean you can’t win big on Cash Noire, but don’t expect huge wins you might know from high volatile slot games.

Overall NetEnt created a great-looking, fun new slot game with great features and bonuses.

Play Cash Noire at all NetEnt casinos.

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