Cash Truck 2 Overview

Early 2022 Quickspin released a game called Cash Truck, which was of course inspired by games like Money Train by Relax Gaming. And just like Relax Gaming, Quickspin now released a sequel, Cash Truck 2.

To be honest, not that much has changed for this second version. The maximum payout is higher and there are some small changes in gameplay. But it’s done pretty subtle.

The game uses 6 reels with each 7 symbols. But between 2 and 4 symbols are locked on each reel. These can be opened up by gameplay. This setup will give a minimum of 4096 ways and a maximum of 117.949 ways per spin.

As for symbols, you will find standard suits, futuristic weapons and characters that fit into the post apocalyptic world. There are also wild symbols and bonus symbols. Bonus symbols can appear as normal and super bonus symbols.

Cash Truck 2 comes with a big maximum payout of 35.000 times your bet and is a very high volatile slot game. The original game came with a maximum payout of 25.000 times bet.

Cash Truck 2, Base game

Cash Truck 2 Features

Tumbling Reels

Winning combination are removed and new symbols fall into the empty spots, giving the opportunity to get another winning combination within the same spin.

Expanding Play Area

The game starts with reels that are partially locked.

Each winning combination will smash away 3 locked symbols from the top rows, slowly opening all reels.

Cash Truck 2, Expanding Play Area


During any base spin two modifiers might appear.

  • Compressor – removes all symbols from the screen except wild or bonus symbols
  • Cloner – between 4 and 8 random symbols are randomly picked and changed into one and the same symbol from reel 1

Truck Raider Bonus

3 or more bonus symbols on screen (not locked) will trigger the bonus. Each bonus symbol above the original three will add 1 extra Expander Symbol when the bonus starts.

You are awarded with 3 spins and any symbol that lands will be locked and will reset the spins back to three. During these spins only multiplier symbols, blank spots or special symbols can appear.

The special symbols come with the following modifiers:

  • Expander – 3 random spots will be unlocked
  • Booster – Its own value is added to all other values already on screen
  • Super Booster – Its own value is added to all other values already on screen and each spin after that
  • Grabber – Will add all values already on screen to its own symbol
  • Super Grabber – Will add all values already on screen to its own symbol and each spin after that
  • Doubler – Will double its own value each time a new symbol lands
  • Cloner  – Will select the highest value on screen and adds it to itself, then it will randomly pick some empty spots and add the same value there
  • Compressor – Will add all values on screen to itself, after this all standard multiplier symbols are removed, opening up more space for new symbols to land

Cash Truck 2, Super Bonus Game

Super Truck Raider Bonus

When at least 1 of the bonus symbols is a Super Bonus Symbol, it will trigger this version of the bonus.

The bonus works the same but the triggering bonus symbols will become a Doubler, Super Booster or Super Grabber during the respins.

Bonus Buy

You are able to buy the bonus for 85 times your bet and the super bonus for 250 times your bet.


I have to be honest. Not a lot has changed. Sure they changed the background and a couple of symbols. They increased the maximum payout and added a Cloner and Compressor. But that’s it.

And I think that’s fine. Players that love these types of games and the original Cash Truck, don’t want too many changes. But what they did change is the most important for those players, a higher maximum payout.

If you are a casual players, I’m not sure Cash Truck 2 is your game. It can be a rough game, hard to trigger bonuses naturally. And of course bonus buys are also not guaranteed to reward your money back. But for the real, die hard slot lovers, this is a great addition.

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