• Attraction is discontinued and no longer available for play

Attraction was released in 2014 and discontinued in 2018.

The game used an electric theme with standard card symbols, but also things like electric meters, monitors and stuff like that.

It also game with 5 reels, each 3 symbols high and 10 paylines.

  • Attraction had a minimum bet of €0,10 and a maximum bet of €100,- per spin.
  • This game had a return to player of 96,7%.


The main feature on this game where the expanding wild symbols and respins.

During each spin a random magnet would appear left, right, above or below a specific reel or row. When a wild symbol would land on that spot, the magnet would attract the wild and expanding it. After this you would get a respin. These respins kept happening as long as new wild symbols would appear that would also be attracted.

You would theoretically be able to fill the entire screen with wild symbols.


The game got discontinued after 4 years. Which I do understand. Although when it was released it was a fun game and had a nice, for the time unique, feature. It would get pretty boring after a while. I also stopped playing the game after some time and I guess most people did. So it was time to end the game.

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