• Unique 1991 video game theme
  • Pick your own low to high volatile fighter for features
  • Maximum payout of 7.142 times bet
  • The theme is pretty specific and will not appeal to all or maybe younger players

Street Fighter II – The World Warrior – Overview

NetEnt is known for some of the best online slot games using an IP (Intellectual property). Games like Creature from the Black Lagoon and South Park (which unfortunately is no longer available).

And in 2021 they added a new one to their catalog, Street Fighter 2, The World Warrior. This new slot game bases on the classic 1991 arcade game is now available.

Street Fighter 2 looks exactly like the classic arcade game and comes with all original sounds and voices. There are no scatter or wild symbols on the reels, only classic symbols like J, Q and K and fighter symbols, both with winning and defeated faces.

The game comes with a 5×5 grid of symbols and uses the cluster pays way to win. Any combination of 4 or more of the same symbols connecting horizontal or vertically will be a winning combination. Winning symbols are then removed from the reels and collected as wild symbols for your meter. New symbols fall on top creating the possibility for another win.

  • Street Fighter 2 – The World Warrior comes with a minimum bet of €0,20 and a maximum bet of €700,- per spin
  • The return to player is 96,02% to 96,08%
  • Maximum payout of 7.142 times bet

Picking a fighter

Before you start spinning you need to pick one of 8 fighters. This fighter will battle a random opponent during your spins and will award special features when you fill the wild meter on top.

When this meter is full your character will perform a special combo.

Each fighter becomes more volatile, so you can pick your style. The special combos are:

  • Dhalsim – 3 or 4 random wild symbols are placed on the reels
  • E. Honda – 3 wild symbols are placed on the same reel
  • Ryu – 3 wild symbols are placed on the same row
  • Guile – 2 vertical stacks of 2 wild symbols are placed on the reels
  • Zangief – 2 horizontal stacks of 2 wild symbols are placed on the reels
  • Chun Li – between 2 and 7 random wild symbols are placed on the reels
  • Blanka – 1 or 5 random wild symbols are placed on the same reel
  • Ken – 1 or 5 random wild symbols are placed on the same row

Winning or losing

During your normal spins if you get winning combinations with your character, you will beat the opponent and their life bar will decrease. If you get winning combinations with your opponents symbols, your own life bar will decrease. Once one of these life bars is completely empty you will be awarded with 1 of 2 features.

Car Smash Bonus

If you loose you will trigger the Car Smash Bonus. Smash a car for a cash reward between 5 and 15 times your bet.

Beat the Boss Free Spins

If you will you will trigger the free spins feature.

There is no set number of spins. The free spins will continue until you win or lose. Each time you win you will move to the next fighter and the multiplier will increase. You start with Balrog and a 2 times multiplier, after this Vega with a 3 times multiplier, Sagat with a 5 times multiplier and finally, of course, M. Bison with a 10 times multiplier.

If you beat all 4 fighters you will also win an extra reward of 100 times your bet.

If you lose the free spins end, but you can try to restart the feature with a gamble bonus which will cost you a part of your winnings so far.


NetEnt was able to create another very cool looking and interesting slot game with a very popular IP.

First let me say that the game looks amazing. It really looks like a 90’s arcade game, the graphics, the sounds, it all comes together very nicely.

Second the gameplay. I like that they used the cluster pays option for this one, gives it a little something special. Payouts aren’t the biggest during normal spins, but decent. And of course the Car Smash Bonus is more of a consolation prize, because you lost.

The Beat the Boss Free Spins feature is where you can really get some nice wins. And this is also the most exciting feature of the game.

Overall I think players that love the Streetfighter series will love this game, but also players that might never heard of Streetfighter will have the option to play a fun and unique new slot game from NetEnt.

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