Gigantoonz Overview

Reactoonz is one of Play’n Go’s most popular slot game ever and also one of the best grid games ever. No wonder that Play’n Go decided to create more grid games, but also more games in the same series, with the same funny looking monsters.

We’ve already seen Reactoonz 2 and Dr. Toonz. Now there’s a new title, Gigantoonz.

Gigantoonz is played on a grid of 8 by 8 symbols, which is bigger than the normal 7 by 7. But now you need a 6-of-a-kind to get a winning combination. This needs to be horizontally and/or vertically connected.

All the same monsters are available as usual, including a new red one. And the wild symbol also still appears.

Gigantoonz slot, Base Game

Gigantoonz Features


Winning symbols are removed from the grid and all symbols fall down. New symbols fall on top and you can get another win.

Mega Symbols

All symbols may also appear as Mega Symbols which can be 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, or 7×7 symbols big. A Mega Symbol only counts as one symbol, so you still need at least 5 more to count as a winning combination. But when removed the number shown on that Mega Symbol, which can be up to 13, is added to the total number of symbols removed.

So for instance. You get a Mega Symbol with an 8 and 5 single symbols. When removed it will pay as 6 symbols, but 13 symbols are added to the meter. As if 13 symbols where removed.

When a Mega Symbol is removed it will always leave behind a wild. When a Mega Symbol can’t drop down, all spots below that Mega Symbol will be turned into single symbols of the same type.

Quantum Wilds

During any non winning spin between 5 and 10 random wild symbols may be added to the grid.


On the right of the game you will find a meter. Each symbol removed will fill that meter. Mega Symbols will add their value as number of symbols. This meter can reach up to 100 symbols. Each time you reach a certain level you will get a modifier.

  • Collected 25 symbols – Disintegration – Remove all instances of 4 randomly selected symbols
  • Collected 50 symbols – Metamorphosis – Randomly transforms all instances of one random symbol into a different random symbol
  • Collected 75 symbols  – Radiation – Adds between 1 and 4 Mega Symbols and between 2 and 5 Quantum Wilds
  • Collected 100 symbols – Gargantoonz – All mega symbols turn into a Mega Gargantoonz symbol, at least 3 Mega Gargantoonz appear no matter how many mega symbols are present. And between 2 and 4 single Gargantoonz symbols are added. This Gargantoonz acts as a wild symbol. When winnings are paid all Mega Gargantoonz symbols become single sized Gargantoonz

Gigantoonz slot, Gargantoon feature


To be honest, I am not sure how long Play’n Go should keep releasing these Reactoonz follow-ups. They are becoming a bit samy in my opinion.

Let me start by saying that this one is a fun game but does have a feature that annoys the hell out of me. Those Mega Symbols. They are huge symbols that only count as 1 symbol, but have a number on them when collected. This is confusing, because when one of those big symbols appears it feels like, wow, a huge symbol. But it’s just one symbol. That feels strange and counter intuitive. Maybe it’s just me, but it really confused me on the beginning.

Also, all these grid games need a 5-of-a-kind, this one needs a 6-of-a-kind. Which can also confuse when you play a lot of grid games.

Other than that, I do think it’s a fun game and comes with the same type of bonuses we love about the original, especially the final huge wild symbols. But if this one really needed to be added, when we already had Reactoonz and Reactoonz 2, I’m not sure.

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