Finally the waiting is over. The new and highly anticipated new slot game from NetEnt, South Park, is now online and available at all NetEnt casinos.

South Park, the world-famous cartoon from Comedy Central, is now turned into an online slot game with a huge amount of features and bonuses. And NetEnt is the lucky provider to do it.

South Park comes with 25 lines, three random features that can appear at any time during normal play and will add wild symbols on the reels or even give a huge wild symbol of 3×3.

And also 4 different bonus games, one for each character. You can get Cartman and chase away hippies, Kenny that has to reach the end of the street without getting killed, Kyle that will award free spins and will kick the baby for even higher rewards and Stan that will keep puking on Wendy as long as those sticky wild symbols appear on the reels.

As you can see, South Park comes with massive amount of features to keep the game interesting. This is really the big slot release of NetEnt this year.

You can play South Park now at all NetEnt casinos. You can also check out my full review on this new game with a fun trailer or play the game for free first, directly on my website.

A lot of NetEnt casinos will be running special South Park promotions and I will try to add them all.

Have fun!

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