Kroon Casino has changed its name to Casino Winner.

Kroon Casino, which is member of the Betsson Group, always focused on the Dutch market. But since the Dutch government is finally trying to create a gambling law for online casinos, a lot of online casinos are leaving this market for a while. To make sure they can apply for a license once the time is right.

Because of this temporary leaving the Dutch market, Kroon Casino, which means Crown Casino in Dutch, doesn’t make sense anymore.

Hence the new name, Casino Winner.

I personally think the new name is a bit too general. And also, try googling this 😉 But it does make known that this casino is no longer focused on Dutch players, but all players are welcome.

By the way, that they don’t focus on the Dutch market, does not mean they don’t accept Dutch players.

If you are looking for a solid online casino with years of experience. A casino that offers a lot of great games from many different providers including one of the best live casinos. And a casino that offers a good welcome bonus and regular promotions and bonuses, each month, then give Casino Winner a try.

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