Lights, Camera, Cash Overview

NetEnt has released a new slot game called Lights, Camera, Cash. But this isn’t your standard slot game, this is one of those games that you might recognize from your land-based casino. Like for instance Cash Machine. A game that just shows numbers, and those numbers make your reward.

I guess they are going for a game show theme with the title and the slot may look like a machine they would use on a game show. But that’s it.

The game uses 3 reels that are each 3 symbols high and comes with one 1 line to start with. But you can open 2 more lines while playing.

The only symbols appearing are blank spots, xReel bonus symbols and the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, 5 and 10. The number 10 can only appear on the first reel and the 00 only on the third reel.

You win what you see. So if reel one lands a 5, reel two a blank and reel three a 0, you would see 50. Meaning you have win 50x your bet.

Lights, Camera, Cash comes with a pretty big maximum payout of 25.000 times your bet. And is a high volatile slot game.

Lights, Camera, Cash, Base reels

Light, Camera, Cash Features


Each time you spin the game only the middle row is active, acting is 1 payline. If you get a win, you will trigger a free respin where now also the top row opens up giving a second payline. And if this results in another win, another free respin is triggered where the bottom row also opens up, giving a third payline.

After you played with all 3 paylines, respins end. They also end when no new win appears.

Lights, Camera, Cash, Respin Feature

xReel Feature

Above the game you see an xReel that will display multipliers of x2, x3, x5, x10, x20 or x50.

If an xReel symbol appears anywhere on screen (even if the row isn’t active) during a winning spin, the multipliers will spin and land on a random multiplier, which will be applied to the win. Only 1 xReel symbol can land during any spin.

Lights, Camera, Cash, xReel Feature


This game is made for a specific group of players that enjoy these types of games.

It’s almost as basic as it gets, spin, what do you see, that’s what you win. With the added bonus of respins and those multipliers to make it a little more interesting.

I don’t like these types of games. I think there boring. And I know basically all slots are like this, it’s just a calculation, what is it going to pay. But I want lines, ways, clusters, colorful symbols, scatters, wilds. I want bonus games, free spins. This for me is like pushing a random number generator app.

But I know there are players that like these games. So for those people, great. And maybe it’s a good game for wagering a casino bonus faster than on a regular slot.

Check out Lights, Camera, Cash at any NetEnt casino or play the demo below.

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