BombyI am overly excited about a new NetEnt casino that will go live in a couple of weeks! CasinoSaga!

This is a lot more than just your ordinary online casino.

CasinoSaga is, like the name suggests, a saga. And you are the hero. And that hero, you can pick yourself, there are a total of 10 different heroes, all with their own avatars. Heroes like dwarfs, wizards and dragon tamers.

OlorinYou make your way through an island by playing your favorite NetEnt games. Each time you reach certain points, you have to defeat a boss in a fight. There are a total of 40 different bosses. Losing will set you back to the beginning, winning will award you with cool prizes and progress you through the island.

Defeating bosses uses XP and XP is earned just by playing. When you defeat a boss you are awarded with free spins, free cash or bonuses.

You will also unlock special saga games, which will award players with higher payouts than other online casinos.

I have to say, it all looks amazing. And I can’t wait to start playing and find out how it all works in real.


CasinoSaga is not yet online, but players can pre-register now. When you do, you will receive a special treat on opening day. So be sure to pre-register.

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