South Park – Reel Chaos, new upcoming NetEnt slot

NetEnt has just released a new gameplay video for one of their upcoming slots. And quite a surprise, it’s a follow-up on South Park.

South Park – Reel Chaos uses the superhero characters from South Park in this new game.

The game comes with 20 lines and a lot of different in-game bonuses. On every spin random features can be triggered. Some of these features are random wilds, wild reels and multipliers.

The game also comes with a bonus game where you have to fight different superheroes for bigger rewards,

The game looks just as great as the original and I think this will be another very popular title from NetEnt. The game is probably going to be released in September.

Tomorrow we will see the release of Lost Island at all NetEnt casinos.

Here is the gameplay video including all possible features.

[youtube url=”–BBMV-uhYE4pBAGg” width=”550″ height=”400″]

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