Space Wars 2 Overview

When I first saw the name of this new NetEnt slot game I thought they meant they added a Powerpoint presentation. That’s not the case. The title of this new game is Space Wars 2 Powerpoints. And those Powerpoints are the main feature on this latest release.

Almost 10 years ago, in 2013, NetEnt released Space Wars. Which, at the time, was a pretty cool game with a unique feature. Now they have released a sequel, but although this game uses a lot of the same symbols, it’s a totally different game. Even a bit much to explain, but I’ll try.

The game comes with a grid of 6 by 6 symbols and a winning combination consists of 3 or more of the same symbols in line, horizontally or vertically.

You will find different planet like symbols and crystals together with aliens. And a whole lot of special symbols.

The game also uses cascading symbols. Meaning that winning combinations are removed and new symbols fall down to create the option for another win.

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints comes with a maximum payout of 10.020 times your bet. Which is a very nice number.

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints, Base slot game

Space Wars 2 Features


Above the reels you will find a meter. The Powerpoints meter. Each time a winning combination is removed it will reveal points. These points are added to the meter and when you reach certain steps on the meter you are awarded with multipliers that apply yo your total bet.

Special Symbols

When winning combinations are removed they will leave behind a wild symbol or a special symbol. Depending on how much symbols are in the winning combination.

These symbols will destroy random symbols on the grid and reveal Powerpoints on those spots.

I won’t explain all of them. But they can destroy a whole row or column. Destroy 1 to 4 random picked symbols or destroy all symbols surrounding the special symbol.

These symbols can also combine when they are appearing next to each other and give even better bonuses where more symbols are destroyed.

Free Spins Feature

If you manage to collect 1000 Powerpoints during a spin, you will trigger the free spins feature.

How many free spins depends on the total number of Powerpoints reached.

During free spins the grid will become 8 symbols high instead of 6. And the meter on top doesn’t reset between spins.

When wild symbols are left behind during free spins they can also have a multiplier. When then used in a winning combination, this multiplier is applied on the Powerpoints revealed.

The meter also has certain points where you get 1, 2 or 3 extra free spins when reached.

You are awarded the final multiplier reached at the end of the free spins.

Space Wars 2 Powerpoints, Free spins feature

Bonus Buy

For 75, 140 or 250 times your bet you can buy 8, 12 or 16 free spins respectively.


If you think this new game is anything like the original, you are sadly mistaken. This is a totally new experience. The only thing the games have in common are the alien symbols. But that is really all.

This game is full of features and interesting combos which award you more and more Powerpoints. It keeps the game going and interesting, even during the base game. But of course it gets veen better during free spins when the meter doesn’t reset. You can reach a huge multiplier.

I’m wondering why NetEnt decided to name this game Space Wars 2. I think it is too far removed from the original to make it a series. And the original is already 10 years old. But I don’t mind.

And I think with this release NetEnt proved that they are still relevant and can still release original and unique new slot games.

If this review is too confusing, I’m sorry. Just play the game and you will get it pretty fast.

Play Space Wars 2 Powerpoints at any top NetEnt casino!

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