For a while Rizk is one of my favorite online casinos to play at. Mainly because they offer great games and service, but also because of their free spins.

Each time you level up at Rizk you are awarded with a spin on their wheel. This wheel will reward you with free spins, super free spins, mega free spins, cash prizes and more.

Of course most of the time you win free spins. And when playing a couple of hours you can really accumulate a lot of them.

Now you are able to trade this free spins for better free spins. Free spins can be traded in for Super free spins (worth €1,- a spin) and Super free spins can be traded in for Mega free spins (worth €3,- a spin).

These higher value free spins are a lot more exciting in my opinion. So great offer from Rizk. They will keep this option live, so if you start playing now you can collect your free spins and start trading them.

And all free spins winnings at Rizk are wager free, always!

Rizk also offer a very good sign up bonus when you make a first deposit. 200% up to €100,-. So deposit €50,- and play with €150,-.

Check out Rizk Casino now and start earning your free spins, super free spins and mega free spins.

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