Wonky Wabbits trophy hunt

Tomorrow there will start a new trophy hunt at Casumo. Casumo runs these trophy hunts every month and they are really fun.

How it works is that every slot game has 7 different trophies attached to it. A trophy can be spin 500 times, or get 4 winnings spins in a row.

During a trophy hunt you have to collect all 7 trophies as fast as you can. The 3 players that do this the fastest will be awarded with some cool prizes.

This trophy hunt uses the latest NetEnt release, Wonky Wabbits.

So open your Casumo account and start playing Wonky Wabbits.

The promotion ends on Sunday and when nobody receives all trophies they will see which players have the most trophies the first.

First place is awarded with a Macbook Air, second place an Ipad Air and third place will walk away with an iPhone 5c.

Wappy Wunting!

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