Zaida’s Fortune Overview

Red Tiger Gaming released a new slot game and chose to use a fortune teller theme. Surrounding someone with the name Zaida.

The game uses 5 reels which are each 4 symbols high and comes with 30 lines.

You will find standard card symbols, but also chalices, sun symbols, swords and more of these types of symbols. Wild symbols can appear on all reels and scatter symbols only appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. All the normal paying symbols can appear stacked on all reels.

This game comes with several random features and a free spins feature, which I explain below.

Zaida’s Fortune comes with a maximum payout of 2.300 times your bet.

Zaida's Fortune, Base reels

Zaida’s Fortune Features

Random Features

During any spin during the base game you might trigger a random feature. This feature is then active for the next 5 spins.

Remove Symbols – Every spin one more low paying symbol will be removed from the reels. Starting with 10 and then J, Q, K and finally A. During the fifth spin none of the low paying card symbols appear anymore.

Wild Abundance – Each spin 1 or 2 random wilds will be added to the reels that stay locked during all 5 spins. During the fifth spin you will have a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 locked wilds on the reels.

Multiplication – A multiplier will become active during these 5 spins. Each spin a x1 or x2 will be added. Meaning that on the fifth spin you will have a multiplier of at least x5 and a maximum x10.

Zaida's Fortune, Free Spins Feature

Free Spins Feature

Get three scatter symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5 to trigger the free spins feature.

You now pick from three cards to reveal which of the modifiers mentioned at the random features will be active during 5 free spins.

After the 5 free spins end, you get to pick another card. If you pick another modifier, you get another 5 free spins with the new modifier, but also with the previous one still active. If you pick collect the bonus ends.

You are able to play a total of 15 free spins where all modifiers are active.

Zaida's Fortune, Extra Free Spins


Zaida’s Fortune uses the fortune teller theme, which Red Tiger Gaming has done before. I personally never mind that theme, but I can understand some people don’t like it.

Of course, like with a lot of their games, they offer random features during base games. Which I like. It keeps the base game going and interesting.

But I also like the free spins feature. Of course you want more than one modifier. It does suck when you find that collect card after only one round of 5 games. But of course it can happen. But when you are able to have all three modifiers active, it’s pretty exciting.

Except for maybe one thing, the maximum payout. It’s low. I understand not every game can have a payout of 20.000 or even 50.000 time bet, but 2.300 is a bit too low.

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