South Park – Reel Chaos is now live at NetEnt casinos

The long-awaited new NetEnt slot South Park – Reel Chaos is now officially online at all NetEnt casinos.

This sequel to the original South Park slot feels very familiar, but still adds a lot of fun new features. First the theme, no classic South Park characters, but their superhero alter ego’s. Cartman is “The Coon”, Kenny is “Mysterion”, Kyle is “The Human Kite” and Stan is “Toolshed”.

As the original, South Park – Reel Chaos uses a lot of in-game features that can appear at random on any spin. A total of 4 features can appear

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  • Cartman’s Stacked wilds, random reels will become wild
  • Kenny’s Multiplier, all wins are multiplied by x3, x4 or x5
  • Stan’s Multiplying re-spin, reels keep spinning until you get a winning combination, each time no win appears the multiplier will go up to a maximum of x10
  • Kyle’s Overlay Wilds, three to five random symbols will turn wild


But the game also comes with a bonus game starring Butters as “Mintberry Crunch”. You will receive a life bar and will fight 4 levels of enemies. Each winning spin will take down one bar from the enemies life bar. No winning spin will remove a bar from your own life bar. Once you defeat an enemy you go to the next level and the multiplier will increase. If you lose all your life the bonus ends.

If you happen to defeat the final boss you will be awarded with a special bonus on top of all your winnings from your free spins. This game is very nice!

As I mention above, the game should be live at all NetEnt casinos by now. I am sure there will also be some free spins and other great promotions to celebrate this release. I will try to post them all.

South Park – Reel Chaos

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