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    Bad customer service, no loyalty at all, I have turned over a fortune and deposited around 3k this month here is a copy of emails and then the response from live chat

    My first contact:

    Hey guys firstly I really like your casino. Just wanted to know if you are going to put a loyalty program in the casino. It’s a shame you don’t as I use my loyalty points in other casinos when I’m a bit bored and just playing around. For instance last night I would of turned over 10000 dollars a few weeks ago I’m sure I would of turned over at least 50,000 as I was playing 100 dollar bets for hours, so if I were playing at videoslots.com. I would of ended up with a decent cash back.

    It’s nice when you get a bit of a reward for not withdrawing as I was up 14,000 and could of taken that out.

    Like I said I still love the casino and will always play there but if there were some rewards I would spend a lot more at Dunder instead of the 5 other casinos

    Hope you have a great day

    Kind regards

    Email response:

    Hi Joel,

    Thank you for your email and feedback.

    We are looking into setting this in place but i do not have a timefram or estimated time of arrival for this at the moment.

    It is furthermore very good to hear that you like the Casino and you are enjoing yourself, that is what we are all about.

    At the moment we review the accounts continously to see if there is any bonuses we can give out to loyal customers but of’course if you would ever feel that you should have had or deserve a bonus due to bad luck or any other reason then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will review your account right then and there to see if you have anything available for you at that point.

    If you have any questions in regards to this you are more then welcome to contact us again.

    Let us assist you the way you deserve to be helped, with care and speed. Forget the emails and contact us via our Live Chat support.

    Have a nice day!

    Kind regards,
    Dunders Support Team

    Live Chat:

    Elisabeth Hello!
    How may I help you?

    Hi Elizabeth How are you today?

    I am just fine , thanks for asking, and you? 🙂

    Just wondering could you please look over my account and see if I could get a nice bonus chip as thee is no loyalty program here. As I have turned alot of money over, Im not talking about deposits but gameplay I won quite a bit and spent hours the other week playing $100 dollar bets. If I had realized this I would of took the $14,000 out and played at one of my other casinos, I just like the thrill of the play and like a bit of loyalty back.. As you will see I have not withdrawn cause I know I would just put it back lol

    Let me check, one moment please


    I am sorry but I cannot offer a free bonus or free spins for the moment. What I can offer you is a 25 % deposit bonus up to 50$ on your next deposit today. Just contact us when you made your next deposit today and we will add it manually.

    • Heaven4NetEnt

      Hello Joel,

      I noticed that you didn’t like Dunder. And I understand it, but I also heard a lot of good news about Dunder.
      And to be honest, most casinos don’t offer a free cash or free spins bonus if you ask. Believe me I asked at several online casinos in the past after losing a lot.


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