• One of the most unique themes in online slot games
  • Very cool free spins feature with big win potential
  • This slot game is End of Life and no longer available at NetEnt casinos
  • Evolution comes with a minimum bet of €0,25 and a maximum bet of €125,- per spin. The return to player is 96,3%.
  • Evolution is end of life and no longer available for play

Free Spins Feature

Evolution has a very unique free spins feature that I just love!

You are awarded free spins and every time you get a winning combination the symbols will evolve to a higher symbol (if possible). So if for instance you get three J’s, you will get paid for them and all J’s will evolve into Q’s. And the J symbols no longer appears on the reels. It does this with all symbols, but the letter symbols will go to a maximum of A and the picture symbols will go to a maximum of the highest symbol (not wild).

So after some spins it is possible to only have A’s and high symbols left. Making the chance on a big win even bigger.

Because of this feature it is not possible to get more free spins during the free spins.


I enjoy this slot very much and have to say that the free spins bonus triggers pretty regularly. But not always pays out a good amount. It really has to do with how fast you can upgrade those symbols.

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