• Evolution is discontinued and no longer available online

Evolution was a NetEnt slot game released at the end of 2013 and unfortunately was discontinued in 2018.

The game used the theme of evolution with all sorts of strange animals and standard card symbols. It used 5 reels that were 3 symbols high and came with 25 paylines.

  • Evolution came with a minimum bet of €0,25 and a maximum bet of €125,- per spin.
  • The return to player was 96,3%.

Free Spins Feature

Evolution had a very unique free spins feature that I just loved!

When you were playing the free spins, each time you would get a winning combination the symbols would evolve to a higher symbol (if possible). So if for instance you got three J’s, you would get paid for them and all J’s would evolve into Q’s. And the J symbols no longer appeared on the reels. It did this with all symbols, but the low paying symbols would go up to a maximum of Ace and the high paying symbols would upgrade to the highest paying symbol (not the wild symbols).

So after a good amount of winning spin you were left with only Aces and the highest symbol, combined with wilds.

The feature could not award more free spins.


The game was discontinued in 2018. Which is a real shame because it was a great game, with, for the time at least, a very unique feature. The theme was also amazing and unique.

I really enjoyed this game and played it a lot. But there was probably too little interest to keep it online.

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