• Fun rarely used boxing theme
  • This game is End of Life and no longer available at NetEnt casinos

Fisticuffs is an online slot from NetEnt casinos that has only 10 paylines. But Fisticuffs pays both ways, so from left to right and from right to left, in a ways creating 20 paylines.

It all evolves around a boxing theme and when you get the 2 opponents on reels next to each other, horizontal or diagonal. The guys will fight it out turning into wild and also making any symbols they and on wild.
After this a free re-spin is given where stacked wild symbols appear on reels 1 and 5, giving you a high chance for a big win.

On reel 3 there is also a normal wild symbol. And when the boxers appear next to this wild on either sides, they will punch each other all the way to reel 1 and 5. Giving you 5 wild symbols on a line. And giving you again a free re-spin.
This feature will make sure you get 2 big wins in a row!


Fisticuffs is yet another one of those unique NetEnt slot games that offers features that haven’t been done yet. I played this slot for a short while and really enjoyed it. I did not get the special feature where the boxers align with a wild, making the whole line wild. But I did get the boxers a lot of the times and they gave me some nice wins.

  • Fisticuffs comes with a minimum bet of €0,20 and a maximum bet of €200,- per spin. The return to player is 96,7%.
  • Fisticuffs is End of Life and no longer available for play.

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