Muerto en Mictlán is a new slot game release by Play’n Go. This game is released in the same week as Sparky & Shortz, which you can read more about in my earlier post.

The game features a special theme about the Aztec afterlife in middle America. Want to know more about this, maybe Google. But it’s mostly a Day of Dead themed game.

The slot comes with 5 reels, each 3 symbols high and uses 10 lines.

You will find wild symbols on all reels. Scatter symbols also appear, but they are over layed on normal symbols with a glowing ring. So they are never in the way of any other symbols.

Muerto en Mictlán slot, Base reels

Multilevel Free Spins

When you get 3 or more scatter symbols during the base game you will trigger the free spins feature.

You will start at level 1 and will receive 5 free spins. Before free spins start you get to pick between 1 of 4 different wild symbols that will be active during this level.

The different wild symbols are:

  • Sticky Wilds – when appearing they will stick to the reels until the end of the level
  • Expanding Wilds – expand to cover the whole reel when appearing
  • Exploding Wilds – when appearing they will grow in size to x2x symbols
  • Walking Wilds – when appearing they will move one spot to the left on the reels after each spin, until they move of the screen

During free spins you will collect more scatter symbols to move up to the next level. Each new level will give 5 free spins and let’s you pick another special wild symbol, symbols already chosen before or no longer available.

To reach a new level you need 5 to reach level 2, 6 to reach level 3 and 7 to reach level 4.

After you don’t reach a new level, or after level 4, the feature ends. So a total of 20 free spins are available in total.

Random Multiplier

Muerto en Mictlán also comes with random multipliers during normal spins and the free spins feature.

These multipliers can become active during any spin.

During normal spins these multipliers are x1, x2 or x4. During free spins they are x2, x4 and x6 during level 1 and 2, x3, x6 and x10 during level 3. And finally x4, x10 and x30 during level 4.


I know the Day of the Dead theme has been done to death (don’t mind the pun) but I personally like this theme. It’s always very colorful.

I do wish Play’n Go would have made it a little more unique on this game. It’s pretty standard.

But what I do like is the free spins feature with the multiple levels. Games that give you more levels is always something I enjoy. And the special wild symbols during each spin make it a fun bonus to trigger.

Check out Muerto en Mictlán at Simple Casino>> and Casumo>>.

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